The Singers

Mel, Palmer & Rossana 


The Band

LD, Mark, Larry & Ron

                                                          Bio:  Mel

A native of Phoenix, Mel is the ‘Mr. Bass Man’ of the group.   A highly experienced performer, he has been singing since he was 3 years old and has been winning vocal contests since he was 5!  Mel has sung extensively in choirs, competitive barbershop quartets and has performed with the Spirit of Phoenix Barbershop Chorus for eleven years. A veteran of the US Coast Guard and retired from a professional career in the corporate world, Mel is enjoying singing rock & roll.  In his own words, he is “having a great time entertaining and thrilling audiences with the unique style of Yesterday Once More!” 


                                                      Bio: Rossana

Growing up in a very musical family in Southern California, music quickly became the passion and the center of Rossana’s life. At a very early age, other talented siblings and her mother who was a talented composer, began to recognize Rosanna’s gift for music.
Coming from a bilingual family, she was able to incorporate Latin music into her repertoire, along with Pop and Top 40 tunes to create an International sound that appealed to a wide audience.
Soon Rossana began touring through Mexico with acts that portrayed this International sound, performing in top venues throughout the country.
She eventually was discovered by television producers and began working on prime time variety shows and in live cabaret acts. She shared the stage with numerous top celebrities, and become recognized as a fixture on weekly variety shows on Mexican television.
Upon her return to the USA, she settled in Scottsdale AZ, where she currently resides.

                                                     Bio:  Mark - Drums

Mark was born and raised in Brooklyn and Queens, New York.  His love for Doo-Wop began while listening to the legendary radio DJ’s like “Murray the K” and “Cousin Brucie” on New York rock stations.  While in his teens he moved to central New Jersey and became a classmate of “The Boss”, Bruce .  Mark and his family moved to Phoenix in 1989 on a job transfer. Mark’s love of music extends from big band to classic rock and hip hop.  With Congas and bongos set up in his home studio, Mark’s love of Latin music continues to grow. If it has a beat, Mark will drum to it. In his own words, “Being a part of Time and Time Again, and now Yesterday Once More, is an absolute dream come true.”

                                                    Bio:   LD - Guitar                                                                                               

LD started playing guitar at age 9 and continued through HS, college and his Flight School years.  Following school, the demands of a career and raising a family forced him to put music on the back burner and keep it mainly as a retained hobby.  LD spent most of his career as a Captain for a major airline based in Pittsburgh, Pa. However, after retiring from flying, he returned to his first love - playing music. As a member of "Yesterday Once More", formerly "Time and Time Again",  LD's guitar style brings a hot new dimension to the band.

                                                Bio:  Ron – Keyboards

Originally from Chicago, Ron used to amaze his family as a child by playing tunes on a toy piano after hearing the songs on records.  Fortunately, his parents decided to foster his talent by getting him real keyboards and that,
with his talent, led to him getting a gig with a soul band in Chicago.  By that time he was 13 years old but needed an escort to play in clubs because of his age. Ron continued to gig with several bands throughout the metropolitan area and the Midwest, playing a wide range of styles.  Eventually he was asked to join the “Cryin’ Shames,” the Chicago based band that had previously created hits with “Sugar & Spice” and “Could Be We’re In Love.”  The group had broken up and was trying to reorganize.  Reluctantly, Ron had to turn them down due to his other commitments. Ron played for the Oldies “Legends/Chiffons” show at the Fox theatre in Tucson AZ in 2011. Ron is the previous keyboardist and music director for a local “Doo Wop” group in Chandler AZ and the Keyboardist/previous leader of “Classic Vinyl Revue” 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Rock group. Ron also does fill-ins/hired gun gigs for local bands/shows that requires his talents. Now enjoying Yesterday Once More, better than anything I have ever done.

                                                  Bio:  Larry - Bass

A native of the South Bay near Los Angeles, Larry started playing in bands while in junior high school – first on guitar and then he switched to bass guitar.  Like many California bands of the day, his first group played surf music.  He went on to gain extensive experience in bands playing blues and British Invasion hits. Larry left Los Angelesfor family reasons and moved to Phoenix in 1980.  He put music aside for a period to devote his attention to career and raising a family. In 2000, he returned to music by playing in praise & worship bands in the Phoenix area. In his own words, Larry is “delighted to be playing with the talented performers of Yesterday Once More!”    

                                                        Bio:  Palmer

Palmer has been a professioal musician since the age of 14. He started on the east coast playing clubs in Ct. during his college years he lived and worked in Boston and occasionally New York. He has lived in Florida, California, and Texas. He has toured much of the US in several different bands, opening for many name acts on a revival tour of the south and midwest He opened for the Drifters, Platters, Coasters, Shirelles, Grass Roots, Black Oak Arkansas, Mitch Rider, Canned Heat, and Gary Puckett to name a few. He left the road to settle in New Jersey and raise his two daughters while performing up and down the Jersey shore from Point Pleasant to Cape May. Palmer came to Arizona in 1994 and worked at Mastro‘s, Marco Polo, Ocean club and Dominic‘s until he teamed up with Rossana in 2013 and sang together at Ocean Prime, Sonatas, BLK Live, American legion, Elks and Moose clubs in Phoenix and Scottsdale area.