Evolving out of the African-American community in the 1940’s, Doo-Wop is a style of vocal-based rhythm & blues music that achieved mainstream popularity in the ‘50s and 60’s and it became one of the root-styles of rock & roll.  Back then, teenage musicians in New York, Philadelphia and other big cities were frequently found singing Doo-Wop on street corners, high school lunchrooms, and just about any other place where teenagers could gather. In Brooklyn, a young Arthur Attard was one of those singers.

Artie began singing professionally in the early ‘60s and his doo-wop group soon became one of the best in New York City, sharing the stage with the likes of Johnny Maestro, The Duprees, and The Casinos. Artie took a break from the music business to raise a family but returned to performing in the late ‘80s with his own group, Time and Time Again. Once again, Artie’s group became one of the best in NYC and Artie eventually accepted an offer to tour as the lead singer of the Cascades (Rhythm of the Rain). He toured with them for five years.

Retiring from the road, Artie moved to the Phoenix area in 2007 and in ’08 he started an Arizona-based version of Time and Again. This group went on to share the stage with The Association, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Coasters, and The Vogues, and many other big-name groups. KAET-TV named Time and Time Again as “the best doo-wop group in Arizona!”

The group’s path took an unexpected turn in the summer of 2013 when Artie found it necessary to relocate to Florida for family reasons. While the entire group was sad at his departure, the members decided to reorganize and keep going.


The group hired a dynamic new singer, Dan Schultz, and changed its name to ‘Yesterday Once More.’ After a period of intense rehearsal, the new show group had its debut performance in November 2013. While staying true to its Doo-Wop and Motown roots, the group now performs an expanded repertoire that includes ‘50’s, ‘60s and 70'srock & roll, including many hits from the British Invasion!